Andrew Graduation

Yesterday, Andrew graduated from his kindergarten class.  I cannot express to you in any terms how proud I was of my son and his accomplishment.  Watching your children grow up and grow older is a very humbling and moving experience that any standard person without children can never really fully enjoy or comprehend.

He wore a blue Cap and Gown and his outfit was adorable.  They (his class) did a poem for us (the parents) that was about there experiences and the future, followed by a singing of Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me".  It was adorable.

Then Andrew and class recieved their certificates of completion.

Life is moving faster and faster and my children are growing up before my eyes.  God has blessed my family over the years and given to us many gifts, of which I hope to repay some day within his service. 

I always feel that as long as I give my children a proper upbrining full of love, happiness and teach them honor and respect, then that is the best I can do.  My love and support for my children is what they need to grow in to beautiful, socially acceptable people.

Pictures and Video of performance to follow.


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