First Speeding Ticket in 18 years

Yesterday, June 4, 2006, I received my first speeding ticket in over 18 years.

I wasn't happy about it and it ended up ruining my entire day. The police officer was doing what he thought was correct but it turns out that the only reason he gave me the ticket was because I was questioning his authority and his judgment. He states that he paced me going 60 in a 45, but there is no way he could have 'paced' me in the short amount of space between where I turned onto the road and when he turned onto the road.

I could tell that conversation was heading for a warning until he told me he paced me doing 60 in a 45 and I stated "How could you possibly have done that?" and that was it! He didn't say anything else, walked back to his car and wrote me up. He was angry and ticked that I questioned authority and wrote me the ticket for spite.

I will be fighting the ticket and will let you know the outcome of it, but I don't expect anything until the End of August time frame or September. To protect his identity, I won't state his badge number or name, but he is a Sergeant with San Jose Police Department, and he let his emotions cloud his judgment. My only hope is that I can learn from this experience and grow with it. As too, I hope that he does also.



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