Madonna Concert - quick take, pt. 1

What I found to be really profound about the entire performance was the messages she had about the state of humanity and love.  The fact that we sit here in blind complacency about our existence and we really don't care about our fellow humans - we live for ourselves, selfishly for today and don't take the time to think about how our small planet is affected by all of us - as minor players as we all are.

Outside a religious zeolot stood blaring his message of intollerance and retribution towards fornicators, homosexuallity, drunkedness - yelling that people who have relations outside of marriage are sinning and so on and so forth. 

Her show did not cater to the gay community, nor the alcoholics, nor did it exclude the religious at heart.  It helped open up people's eyes and ears to the issues that affect the social mind of us all.  God forbit we should open our ears to hear the other 95% of the world and their suffering.  We cannot live with BLINDERS on all the time - if we do, we will alienate everyone and find that we have no friends left.

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