Politically Correctedness is sooo TIRED!

OK - It is definately Monday, but I had to write this.  I am getting so sick of being politically correct for the sake of being correct.

I am all for sharing ideas and for developing new technologies and working together, but I cannot help it if you (read that as an impersonal 'you') are an idiot. 

Point in case - I am reading this article on the Internet about how to do a LAMP installation on UBUNTU linux - was my last statment, about LAMP and UBUNTU foreign to you?  Then, I am sorry, you don't have the bandwidth to understand my rant at this point.

LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP - the four horseman of the LINUX/DATABASE/WEB Management craze racing across the Internet - basically any web based databases are either built on LAMP or on IIS/ASP technologies - Oracle is nice, but you won't find Bob's site from down the street running on ORACLE (enterprise database really).

So what the hell is my gripe about?

The first paragraph of the article states:
This document will not go into detail on the installation of the OS itself, as I will assume you already know how to burn an image and boot to the disk.

OK - my take on this... IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO BURN A CD-IMAGE (ISO) & BOOT FROM IT - you most certainly should not be installing LINUX or considering a LAMP installation... Let us not beat around the proverbial bush.

I know the article is for NOOBS (people new to a certain technology/software application), but come on - is you cannot burn a CD and boot from it - you should not be installing LINUX.

My two cents!



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