Will the HEAT ever stop?

My god - we returned from a lovely beautiful vacation down in Newport Beach, CA and had a grand time of it (see the Pictures area above for images) and we thought as we traveled up highway 5 that the weather would be hot - it usually is up HW 5. But we didn't expect the 110 degree temperature to be the same over the Pacheco Pass area into Gilroy/Morgan Hill... and then our poor house - it was around 104 or 106 on Saturday night after we returned around 7:00 ish or so at night.


And then every night this week, our home has been hovering around high 90's - I mean at 12:00 AM at night, the temperature is still 90+ with all windows open and fans running (we have no air conditioner). Today is a high pleasant day - the temperature is still high, but not obscene. Yeah! looks like a slight cooling trend is on the way.

I will write more later!



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