Olbermann Says it All

I just saw the Keith Olbermann report (commentary) on why our election process is so valuable and a scathing report on the Bush administration.

I cannot stress enough what a mistake voting BUSH in was for our government - we were swayed by religious beliefs, by smooth talking texans and by a belief that our government needed a change from the 8 years of democratic rule to a new fresh start with the republicans - but I am here to tell you that we were wrong - all of us.

Yes - Kerry was a solid choice to defeat BUSH in 2004 - but Al Gore was a hell-of-a candidate with solid political background and a steadfast determination to do right by our nation.  Here was a man (is a man) that believes in the environment, in education, in healthcare - all the things the current administration refuses to fix or acknowledge the shortcomings of.  Yes, Bush has enacted the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND campaign - but how far has it taken us?  Why is it that I feel my child is better off in a private parochial school that I have to pay for out of my pocket, because the BEST SCHOOL in San Jose (for elementry) was severly lacking in any discipline or advancement that my son needs to move this country forward.

Why is it we sit around on our laurels thinking our country is in good shape, when we invade a sovereign nation, depose its ruler, and implement our own warped perverted puppet government there - Don't get me wrong - I support our troops 100% and I wish them all a safe return trip when they do come home - but I don't agree that we are there to combat terrorism more than we are there to keep our gas prices down - Let's be honest with each other - the only reason why none of us gives a crap about the war in Iraq (YES - a WAR) is because our gas prices are right where we want them.

Bullshit - 2,300 + American lives lost for the cause of Terrorism - a terrorist act that never should have been (don't get me started on that one).

When will we, Americans, realize that our fancy cars and expensive homes (of which I do have, so I am not being hypocritical), will amount to nothing in the end.  People have got to start realizing the cold facts that our society is no longer limited geographically and that intense globalization efforts are underway that will cause ripple effects around the world - what we do here (or don't do for those of us too ignorant to understand the problem is in Washington) will shape the coming millenium.

I can count on 1 hand the politicians that I believe genually give a damn about our country and it's well being for the future - not for their pocket books or their prestige, but for the future.

It is time for a gentle cleansing of our government - time to vote out the bad choices and the bad apples and vote in the people that will forge a nation, strong in ethics and morales while also keeping our Bill Of Rights and Constitution STRONG.

The PRESIDENT does not have the right to do the things he is doing - he is bad for us - bad for our country - and the Senators and Representatives don't know any better... what a sad state of affairs - VOTE!

Read this transcript from the Olbermann Report:



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