Happy 10th Anniversary

Well, folks, 10 years have come and 10 years have gone.  Cynthia and I where wedded, ten years ago on a very rainy afternoon on Sunday, December 29, 1996 at a little known church called the Santa Clara Mission.

What a glorious day it was - rain and all.  Today, Cynthia and I exchanged our gifts and talked a bit and watched our wedding video and enjoyed each other's company - even though I was fighting a cold and have been really tired lately (rough Christmas Week). 

Cynthia is my partner for life and her happiness is my everything.  I want her to remain happy as I want my children to lead happy productive lives.  I think Cynthia and I have truly been blessed by GOD over the past few years and our faith and our beliefs have kept us afloat during the rough patches (from the dark days of eHealth) to my current job and position as the Sr. Unix and SAN engineer for the entire Global IT enterprises for a financially well-to-do Fiber Optic company in Sunnyvale. 

I look at our children, and thank GOD they are all healthy and that we continue to raise them with honor, dignity and respect. I pray that Cynthia and I continue to grow our relationship and to enjoy each other's company and build on our strengths so that we may destroy our weaknesses. 

Peace be with all of you and I hope to write again before the new year begins!

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  1. Congrats on 10 years.
    You and your wife look great. You two haven't changed much.
    Hope all is well


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