Yellow Journalistic Crap!

Check this link out first:

The above mentioned link is a broadcast by CNN commenting on the appearance and outfits that Senator Barack Obama wears and the news report (if you can call it that) starts off simple enough relating the 'relaxed look' of Obama with some of our past Presidents and how they gave this common look to relate to the common US resident. Besides the fact that the entire news report had nothing to do with news and was more-or-less a BS piece, in the last 30-45 seconds of the report, they (CNN) had the gall to actually link Senator Barack Obama with the Iranian President and Osama Bin Laden as well as Saddam Hussein!!!! WTF?

What the hell is wrong with our media when they purposely report sensationalistic reports which do nothing but distort the true reality around us. People, you are living in a soap bubble that you created with your own ignorance and apathy and now we are slowling dying here. People don't care about our rights being eroded by George Bush's government with the Patriot Acts, the improper war we waging in IRAQ (I support the troops and wish them safety - I do not support the fact that we had to employee them in IRAQ). People love to make money, buy their toys and live in there little worlds of ignorance. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Now they (the media) is poisioning our future Presidential Candidates. By linking Senator Obama with the AXIS OF EVIL, gives the impresssion that he is somehow un-American and a bad candidate for President in 2008. Next thing you know, Senator Clinton will have a 'haircut' that closely resembles Kim Jong Joon (or whatever his name is - from North Korea).

CNN - shame on you for broadcasting such a crappy piece of material. Wolf Blitzer - shame on you for such promoting such a piece that almost represents 'yellow-journalism'. BAD BAD BAD. We need to report on the people, who they are, what they can do for us - that is what the news agencies should do - nothing more, nothing less. When did we start attacking people to gain market share.


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