Happy New Year

Well, It Happened!

Another year rolled by catching us all unsuspecting.  I cannot tell you how much of a blessing this year has been to our family - a lot has transpired and I have a lot to do ahead of me in this coming new year.  I have my New Year's resolutions too - and here they are:

  • Be more patient with my family and enjoy my children more - relax

  • Weight Train and Endurance Train for my trip to Grand Canyon in April 2007

  • Keep practicing my Shotikan Karate

  • Spend less money on Computer Equipment and Pay my Debts Off (I am real close here)

  • Use my 'other' income to start funding projects for the family

The New Year revelry was fairly quiet and uneventful - I Cynthia and I were reading in bed and turned the lights out at 11:56 PM that night.

Andrew starts Basketball as does Erica - Ryan is surely coming into his personality as he is exerting his dominance (or showing lack thereof) especially when it comes to eating dinner.  He MUST CONTROL the food intake or he gets wickedly mad.

Yesterday I went on a nice walk down to the local Starbucks and then back to the house with my children - I need to keep this trend up and start my power walking - I have 90 + days to get into a good form so that when I walk down to the base of the Grand Canyon with my Father-In-Law, I am not so un-prepared for the journey.

May the coming year now bear us the same fruits that we enjoyed this passing year.  We had our ups and our downs but most of them were good.  God bless the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and may we bring them all home soon.  May the politicians in Washington and Sacramento do the right and honorable thing and may we all be more generous with our time on this earth with one another.  Our TIME is the most precious thing we can give to our children.

God Bless Us All,

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