Smell The Coffee Burning? Nope - that is the Bill of Rights!

I don't fancy myself a political activist, but I have to write what needs to be written.  I cannot tell you what a precarious time we are in given the fact that we still have another 2 years of the Bush Administration.

Why would I say that?  Why am I writing this today?

What is this article from the Seattle Times say?  To paraphrase - this:

The Federal Government can now OPEN your personal mail,


You read it right! George Bush signed into enactment, a bill which will allow the Feds to open your private, personal mail without notifying you, without a warrant.

I listen to the talk shows and neo-cons on the radio and everytime we bring up that this little bill here or that little law there (AT FACE VALUE) have very little impact over the American People and our lives, but take them all together and you have what amounts to a POLICE STATE.

If Bush went on the air and said:

"We are going to enact stricter security rules at the airport and will be targeting potentially violent acts by using racial/religous profiling, the police no longer need a warrant to bust in your door to investigate, the federal government can read your USPS delivered mail at their choosing.  For those, whom I wish, I will be doing away with any due-process of trials, we can listen in on your telephone calls and read your e-mails without consequence, can wiretap or bug your home or business, too. We will also enact a secret police force to help investigate what the FBI cannot handle - we will utilize the Secret Service to do this. If you attend a university or college or any educational unit, we will have full an authorized access to all your data without a warrant."

But it is all of these things that BUSH has enacted over the past 5 1/2 years.

Now - for the record, I am not ANTI-BUSH - but I do not like what his administration has done to America over the past 5 years and I welcome a push by the Democrats to help stabilize what has become an eroding Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Freedoms.


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