People - Clean Up Your Crap!

I used to smoke.  Correct - when I was 18, I thought it would be cool to take up smoking.  I was young - I was stupid - my love affair with cigarettes, thankfully, only lasted 6 whole months.  During this time, I had an affinity for the menthol grade cancer sticks. 

I am no stranger to smoking - nor am I against someone else partaking of the habit. 

What, then, could I be possibly writing about?

Car Drivers And The World As Their Ashtray!

I cannot stand the fact that there are so many irresponsible 'pigs' out there.  I see them smoking in their cars driving down the freeway and then all of a sudden - flick - out comes the cigarette bouncing along the freeway at 40-50 miles per hour as it comes to a dead halt. 

Like I said - I have nothing against people smoking in their cars, their homes, the pens (erh, I meant to say 'designated smoking areas').  I do have a problem with you 'few' ungrateful idiots who decide to litter our streets with your spent butts!  Clean up your crap - all cars come with ashtray devices, recepticles - whatever!  Use them!

"but I don't like the smell in my car"

To friggin' bad - think I want to see your cigarette butt for the next 20-30 years as I drive down the road - That cigarette filter is not environmentally friendly at all.

Keep America Clean!


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