Personal Responsibilities - Common Sense

My mother raised me to be a good kid.  My dad had a big hand in that too.  I was taught, right from wrong.  Honor and dishonor.  I was taught what it means to be a true blue American who is patriotic and fly's the flag.  I was taught that the truth shall set me free while the lies will bind and entagle me.

Why do I bring this up?  Simple.  Someone hit my car bumper today.  My new White Prius - has a blue paint smudge on it.  Not that big of a deal, but big enough that the person who did it, didn't leave a note. 

Personal Responsibility starts with the person.  I cannot show my kids what honor is if they get a bad example from me.  I don't pass into the car-pool lane, I don't run red lights or speed (especially in my little PRIUS). 

So, to whomever bumped my new car and left your blue paint smudge on my bumper... shame on you for not leaving me a note. For not taking responsibility.

SAD, SAD, SAD - must be a BUSH supporter.


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