Baseball Season is over... soon!

Almost the end of another season of Baseball.  22 games, 15 practices, 12 kids 3 coaches and 1 tired Bill.

It has been a good season - one of those that you feel tired, but  you know you did a good job anyway.  As I tell my son, give 100% of what you can and that is all you can do.  That is all I expect of my kids.  To give their best effort if they are out on the field.  I don't expect them to make 'the play' or 'cream the ball' or whatever.

I expect them to give me 100% of what they can offer.  I have had some truly outstanding players.  I don't mean the ones that could hit at the beginning of the season and did a bit better at the end - I refer to those few kids who couldn't play at the beginning of the season and by the end, they could hit and throw like the other kids.  It is to those kids that inspiration belongs.  That is the spirit of the game of baseball.  To come out, give it your all, and try to do better.

It isn't about the payday or the rewards, unless they are personal rewards - your personal growth - both physically and mentally.  That is baseball.

God bless my kids and let them forever remember my lessons for baseball and for life.

Coach Bill


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