Safari 3.0 for Windows - Expectations SHOT!

I hate to say it, but my expectations of a smooth beta with Apple's SAFARI 3 beta for Windows was not met in any way shape or form.

I promptly downloaded and installed the beta on my laptop (A Dell D820) with not a care in the world - went perfectly fine - a little sluggish for some reason on my system.  when I went home and proceeded to put it on my PC, it didn't fair so well.

Upon completion of the installation, I double clicked on the application in hopes of tossing away my IE roots for good - FireFox is OK but I do like how fast SAFARI is and I wanted to run it through its paces on my PC.

Here is what I was met with:

There is no way with any degree of certainty that anyone can navigate the Internet using the browser above - I cannot even see the MENU's and forget the bookmark bar.  I know I have some level of corruption somewhere - and had this been a Macintosh system, I would have simply deleted the PREFERENCES file and started over.


The grand experiment for SAFARI 3.0 on Windows is a bust at this point.  A lot of little bugs to quash before it is ready for primetime - but I do give KUDOS to Apple for attempting to bring a Mac OS X standard to the PC - Quicktime/iTunes and now SAFARI - soon - Final Cuts Pro or iLIFE.

Still on IE,


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