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How Long Can We Endure?

Latest report out from the New York Times states that the Attorney General was repeatedly censored by the Bush Administration.
How I harken back to the 'glory' days of Bill Clinton. There was a man who led the nation and the world with a purpose of not imposing some world domination but of helping the U.S. become a better place.
2 years left for this jumble and mess we call our government - real change requires real help from Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama - one of which will be securing my vote.
Continous blunders by our government in regards to healthcare, our troop deployments overseas, the ongoing war against terror, the erosion of our rights, the executive branches apparent apathetic attitude towards our Constitution and pushing our industry forward in a more economical sense.
We must bolster and strengthen our home defenses.  We must invest in a better healthcare system, better benefits for our aging workforce who will be hitting retirement soon.  Education has t…

The iPhone has Landed!

Never before has the launch of a product met with so much hype and so much fanfare than that of the Apple iPhone.
Once again, Apple computers has heralded in a new generation of technological innovation with a touch of the awe factor and the marketing and packaging you would expect from Apple Computers.  That is why I continue to use their products.  What do I own?

512 MB Shuffle
1 GB Shuffle (clip)
4 GB Nano - Green
40 GB Photo iPod
60 GB Video iPod
Rev. 2 MacBook 2.0 C2D
Rev. 1 iMac 2.0 CD
PowerMac G5 1.8 GHz
and now the 8GB iPhone

Yes - I am a Mac Fanatic (hence the and domain names and now
Yes, their products tend to be on the pricey side - always have been - but technology wise and cool factor wise and the OS is so much sweeter than XP or VISTA that any comparison is truly Apples to Oranges.  I bought a ZUNE and before I even removed it from the packaging, I returned it due to the lack of positive things about it.
Apple -…