Been Two MONTHS!!! Sorry - New Blog - PAY ATTENTION DISNEY

OK - I have been away for a while, gettin' settled in at my new job.  Things are OK for the most part. It never is an easy task to start with a new company and new employees and having to deal with new culture.

Some days are good - some days are bad.

Anyway - more on this later - this post is for the management staff at DISNEY - PAY ATTENTION.

I love Disney and all they do, from games, to music, to the parks, the merchandise, the branding and the TV shows.  But here is my bone to pick.  I have like 3 Disney stations on my DirectTV service and you know what?  I have not been a big fan of the current programming on the Disney stations.


I miss the old stuff.  I grew up on watching the "Wonderful World Of Disney" on Sunday nights! I raced home to watch RE-RUNS of the Mickey Mouse Club and I learned a lot from the old movies including Old Yeller, Follow Me Boys and Flubber!  But what happened to all that stuff?  Disney used to show the old stuff all the time on their station and then they started relegating it to 11:00 PM at night (VAULT DISNEY they called it).  And now what?  Nothing.


Create a 4th station calling it VAULT DISNEY or DISNEY: Archives or something catchy (you get paid the big bucks to think of this stuff).  Program the station with the old stuff - Sunday nights for the Wonderful World of Disney - M-F at 6 PM for like ZORRO and you have like 1,000 other archived shows and movies you could fill in during the daytime. Right?  Where is all that classic Disney?  Hey - that's a great name:

Disney Classics

or Classic Disney Channel

Just remember - you heard it hear first! What was good for me growing up, is certainly good for my children (and yes, I have several stalwart Disney kids in the household!).



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