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Braces Are Coming Off... Soon!

Yes - you have heard it first.  My braces are finally coming off - over 3 years of agony.  I don't mean agony as in pain but as in not being able to take care of my teeth.  There is nothing like eating food and walking away with a mouthful of food stuck to your braces!

2 weeks and counting - the clock is ticking away...


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Oliver Rist is an idiot... Go Back to Tiger, already.

"No, Bill... please do not hold in your feelings - this isn't very healthy of you keeping all your emotions bottled up. You must learn to release!"
Ummmh.... OK!

Seriously - I just caught Oliver's rant on how LEOPARD (Mac OS X 10.5) is the new VISTA. What a load of B.S. Another opinion, under the guise of an expert reviewer from a leading journal (PC Magazine), that deserves a counter point.

Yes, spaces is more of an 'Applized' version of what we really wanted and it doesn't lend itself to be very functional.

I am not particularly fond of the Time Machine either - but it is made to work with the way the standard user would interact with it. What a great concept to have your local machine do automated snaps of the filesystem. Now my father-in-law doesn't have to worry about a file he deleted accidentally a month ago. I would like there to be an ADVANCED button for Time Machine to specify the snaps and intervals and folders - I obviously don't nee…

What the Hell Is Wrong with MSNBC?

So I am browsing the Internet, minding my own business, reading news articles here and there and I happen upon what I can only fathom is a horribly written opinion piece on the recent (a few hours) demise of Sean Taylor, 24 year old safety for the Washington Redskins.
Found HERE.
So I am reading the 'opinion' piece and the title alone is very inflammatory and already relays how the article-op piece will be played out on the digital gridiron field, called MSNBC.
Here is the title:
Taylor's death is tragic, but not surprising
Redskins player's checkered path might have led him to being killed
What the hell is that supposed to mean?  His 'checkered' path doomed him to having a person break into his home - his past caused that man to bring a gun with him - his past, further condemned him to death?  The point of the article does relate (down at the bottom) that it is a matter of consequences and thinking through your actions before you do it.  I got news for this reporter…

What Is Wrong With People?

What actually drive a person to do something so purely evil and wrong as to murder a 2 year old toddler and then dump them in a plastic container and attempt to conceal the incident at sea?

Read the story here!

At some point, these people have lost their moral compass helping them steer their way through life.  Is it a gradual loss of a moral concious or do they just wake up one morning and decide they will live life outside of the social norms and boundaries we have set up?

The story above tells of a 19 year old mother who moved to Texas with her 2 year old toddler to date a 24 year old man she met on the Internet - something happened and the child was killed 4 months ago?  The best case scenario is the child was neglected and the mom and boyfriend panicked and attempted to cover up the death.  The worst case scenario - I cannot even write down here as it sickens me to think what that poor defenceless child had to endure in order to find ultimate peace.

Thankfully, my moral compass is r…

So Much For Justice in Saudi Arabia!

Today a news piece hit the net concerning the 'mislaid' justince being applied against the victim of a gang rape. That is right - the Victim.  A woman was violated by 7 men and she gets in trouble - she gets punishment. 
That is not to say that the defendants did not get anything - they were convicted and received prison sentances (at least the judicial system in Saudi did one thing right). But according to the Saudi's 'rigid' Islamic law, a woman cannot be in the company of a man if that man is not related to her.  hmmmm...
Here in AMERICA, we stand up for the victim and we punish the convicted.  Can you imagine if we did the same thing here.  Punished victims because of some minor infraction they performed leading up to or during the comission of a crime on them? 
America, under the current regime, might not have the best 'human rights' policies or track record, domestically or internationally, but at least we have compassion for our victims. 
Who knows...…

Simone has Passed Away, Today...

Today, our family pet and beloved cat has passed away.  Causes are unknown and it was sudden.  We awoke to find her unresponsive and laying in her own feces as it appears she tried to make to the litter box.  I scooped her up and rushed her to the local animal care facility where they gave her basic life support.  The could not do anything more for her and transferred her to the Emergency Care facility.  Unfortunately, I had to drive her and in the time it took to get her to facility (7 minutes)... she died.  

Simone passed away at approximately 10:50 AM this morning with me stroking her head and giving her as much comfort as possible - she gave a low guttoral moan and her life slipped away.  I drove as fast as I could to the ER, talking to her the entire way - but she couldn't hold on any longer.  The only explanation is that she was much older than the 12 years we were told she was...  She had been losing weight steadily for the past year - and she just had a full physical and sh…

Erica's 1st Commerical - yeah!!!

Erica finished shooting her first commerical for the Kelloggs Corporation - Rice Krispies of Canada.  She did a great job and Grandpa did a great job of watching over her!
Maybe the start of something big!
Here are the pics:
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