Simone has Passed Away, Today...

Today, our family pet and beloved cat has passed away.  Causes are unknown and it was sudden.  We awoke to find her unresponsive and laying in her own feces as it appears she tried to make to the litter box.  I scooped her up and rushed her to the local animal care facility where they gave her basic life support.  The could not do anything more for her and transferred her to the Emergency Care facility.  Unfortunately, I had to drive her and in the time it took to get her to facility (7 minutes)... she died.  

Simone passed away at approximately 10:50 AM this morning with me stroking her head and giving her as much comfort as possible - she gave a low guttoral moan and her life slipped away.  I drove as fast as I could to the ER, talking to her the entire way - but she couldn't hold on any longer.  The only explanation is that she was much older than the 12 years we were told she was...  She had been losing weight steadily for the past year - and she just had a full physical and shots 4 months ago.  All checked out fine.

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to give care and love to Simone for the past 4 years.  It seems like such a long time ago. Our family was given care of Simon from a friend of mine, whose mother had recently died of cancer.  She had two cats and he could not care for both.  So he asked me, knowing that I had a cat already.  I jumped at the chance and she bonded very quickly with us.

She was very gentle and was full of love and spirit - always jumping up on the couch, walking along the top until she got to you or your neck and then she would smother you to death. 

I pray that we were good parents to her and that we did what was right. I pray that the short time she was with us, she found solice and happiness with our family.  I pray that she is in a better place and that some day, we might all be reunited.

My heart is broken, today...



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