So Much For Justice in Saudi Arabia!

Today a news piece hit the net concerning the 'mislaid' justince being applied against the victim of a gang rape. That is right - the Victim.  A woman was violated by 7 men and she gets in trouble - she gets punishment. 

That is not to say that the defendants did not get anything - they were convicted and received prison sentances (at least the judicial system in Saudi did one thing right). But according to the Saudi's 'rigid' Islamic law, a woman cannot be in the company of a man if that man is not related to her.  hmmmm...

Here in AMERICA, we stand up for the victim and we punish the convicted.  Can you imagine if we did the same thing here.  Punished victims because of some minor infraction they performed leading up to or during the comission of a crime on them? 

America, under the current regime, might not have the best 'human rights' policies or track record, domestically or internationally, but at least we have compassion for our victims. 

Who knows... maybe the Saudi's have it right... and we could be wrong and that is why we are the way we are... hmmm... I don't think so.


news article: Yahoo! NEWS


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