What the Hell Is Wrong with MSNBC?

So I am browsing the Internet, minding my own business, reading news articles here and there and I happen upon what I can only fathom is a horribly written opinion piece on the recent (a few hours) demise of Sean Taylor, 24 year old safety for the Washington Redskins.

Found HERE.

So I am reading the 'opinion' piece and the title alone is very inflammatory and already relays how the article-op piece will be played out on the digital gridiron field, called MSNBC.

Here is the title:

Taylor's death is tragic, but not surprising
Redskins player's checkered path might have led him to being killed

What the hell is that supposed to mean?  His 'checkered' path doomed him to having a person break into his home - his past caused that man to bring a gun with him - his past, further condemned him to death?  The point of the article does relate (down at the bottom) that it is a matter of consequences and thinking through your actions before you do it.  I got news for this reporter - if someone comes into my house at 2 or 3 AM in the morning - they better have a gun, because if it comes down to protecting my wife and kids - I will kill any sucker that attempts to do me or my family harm.  And I didn't have a 'checkered' past. 

It is called being a MAN and protecting your family.  Sean Taylor was a hero who was protecting his family - he wasn't being a THUG on the street corner.

This isn't a Kenny Rogers song - I don't have to know when to fold 'em or know when to hold 'em.  I have to know when to protect my family against an intruder and in a split second, I would do the same thing - and I might be the victim who dies.

But what incenses me the most is the authors usage of the victim's RACE as a marker for violence. 

...why another young black man is now dead from a gunshot wound in his own home...

That statement alone condems the opinion piece to be nothing more than sensationalistic drivel that deserves nothing but condemnation - race has nothing to do with the issue at hand, in my opinion.

Anyway - I don't think this type of journalism lends any credibility to the online news sources.  This is part of the reason I cancelled my subscription to the Mercury News in San Jose - too much of this type of writing in normal articles.

My two cents.


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