What Is Wrong With People?

What actually drive a person to do something so purely evil and wrong as to murder a 2 year old toddler and then dump them in a plastic container and attempt to conceal the incident at sea?

Read the story here!

At some point, these people have lost their moral compass helping them steer their way through life.  Is it a gradual loss of a moral concious or do they just wake up one morning and decide they will live life outside of the social norms and boundaries we have set up?

The story above tells of a 19 year old mother who moved to Texas with her 2 year old toddler to date a 24 year old man she met on the Internet - something happened and the child was killed 4 months ago?  The best case scenario is the child was neglected and the mom and boyfriend panicked and attempted to cover up the death.  The worst case scenario - I cannot even write down here as it sickens me to think what that poor defenceless child had to endure in order to find ultimate peace.

Thankfully, my moral compass is right on target and my parents instilled in me the true value of a life and spirit.  May GOD help us all!


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