Grand Canyon Story - Soon...

Hi All,

Some of you might not remember that I took a 1 week vacation/trip to the Grand Canyon in April of this year.  I did it for a variety of reasons:
  • for my father, who passed away a few years ago
  • for me to help challenge my physical being
  • for my family, to help me be a better person
On the trip down, I took a lot of pictures and journaled the trip in detail. 

Anyway, I hope to have the first part of my journey done and posted soon - maybe by the first of the year.  I wanted to document the journey, for my children and for me.  I also felt that documented such an adventure would probably help a lot of other people too, as there is nothing more difficult than trying to battle your own mind, day-to-day. 

Anyway, I am battling a cold right now - in my sinuses.  Hope you all have a great week.

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