Happy New Year!

The clock has ticked down the final seconds of 2007 and we quietly slipped into 2008.  What will 2008 hold for us all?

Hopefully more of what we had in 2007.  Prosperity, happiness and health.  God has blessed my family this past year and has made this a banner year.  A quick recap of 2007 finds me traveling for my old company to Chicago - a journey I took with a friend - what fun that was - I enjoyed my time there.  I also went to the Grand Canyon and walked down with my father-in-law.  What a marvelous journey that was.  I also left my old company (Finisar) after 4 years of dedicated service and ventured into a start-up in Santa Clara as their I.T. Manager (and first IT employee).

Erica has done some great things this past year - she won 1st place in her division at iPOP competition in Las Vegas and went on to sign with A.K.A. Talent in Hollywood!!! She has performed in a commercial and has exposed herself to a lot of auditions and even met some famous people - she is loving it all.

Andrew is doing very well in everything he does - I coached Andrew this year (and will again this coming year) in baseball, he did swim team this year - did very well!  He also just finished with Soccer - Andrew loves to play sports and even now, loves to play Wii Sports on his new Wii console!

Ryan - what can I say about Ryan - he amazes Cyn and I as he continues to grow. He is forming full sentences and his communication skills are fairly high.  He just got his 'big-boy' bed, so the old CRIB is off to CraigsList!  He amazes me so much.  To see him grow and try things out and stretch his imagination - it boggles my mind, but reminds me of how precious life truly is, day to day!

and My Wife - the glue that holds us all together.  She is there, sometimes behind the scenes moving the parts around, or in front directing us all, but through it all, we are a great team and just celebrated our 11th anniversary.

I am truly grateful for my family.  I am truly blessed by God.  I hope I can return the blessings this year and prove to God that his investment in my family is clearly paying off.  May God bless you and your family in the new year and keep you all safe and healthy.



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  1. What a wonderful letter to start the new year. :) (Aren't you impressed that I figured out how to comment on this blog?)

  2. Sounds like things are going great. We had our third child on the 27th of December. Her name is Jerzy Anne.
    All is well here in Blanding evn though we have more snow than we know what to do with.


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