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Discovered New [OLD] Music from the 1970's

Just out and about, minding my own business when I happened upon a staff recommendation on the iTunes music store and WHAM, nine dollars and ninety-nine cents later, I was the happy and proud owner of an album from the artist Shuggie Otis, called the "World Psychedelic Classics 2: California Soul - Inspirational Information".

What a treat and delight to behold.  The classic riffs and funktastic bass perform eloquently in a rhythm and dance that is truly a delight to my audible senses.  I love it.  An instant hit that plays well with my melancholy moods as well as throws me back to a more simpler time.  Now I am only 35 years old and have always believed that I was born in the wrong era.  I still believe somewhere within me hides the teenager of the 60's and young adult of the 70's instead of the adolescent spawned bastard of the 70's that I am.  I was born in 1972 and do indeed remember the clothes, the styles and the music that generated the SUPERFLY and SHAFT as…

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

It was an interesting read on MSNBC website today, about Dr. King and his legacy and the fact that many people understand that he was the author of the most infamous speech, 'I have a dream...' but cannot tell you what that dream was.  (article here)
I find it not to be as distressing as the fact that given our current social make-up and how our children find news and learning in sound bytes and video games, that they probably could not tell you a lot of what Dr. King's activism was about.  That he stood for civil equality between all Americans. He was anti-war in a time when being anti-war was not American.  He stood for the impoverished and the needy - the exact things you would expect a reverend or minister to stand for in a time when people were looking for the light.
I have great admiration for Dr. King and his legacy, as I do for John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. 
Dr. King has become this iconic persona of peace and the civil rights movement, but it is equally importa…

Anti-Spamer fined for DNS lookup?

Yes, you did read it correctly - full story - read the article - I won't post the contents of it here - just my observation (protected under the 1st Amendment - thank God).
I cannot believe that using standard troubleshooting techniques and procedures, that I could someday be prosecuted for illegally use or 'hacking' of a computer system.  DNS and WHOIS by nature are public address devices.  Their whole JOB is to serve data to the Internet. 
You can read more here too.
The part I find distressing in the JUDGE'S written notice is:

3. At various other times, Ritz issued a variety of commands, including host -l, helo, and vrfy. The afore-mentioned commands are not commonly known to the average computer user.

4. Ritz frequently accomplished his access to Sierra's computers by concealing his identity via proxies and by accessing the servers via a Unix operating system and using a shell accounts, among other methods. He also disguised himself as a mail server.

I don't agr…

MEDIUM was way cool tonight

I am watching MEDIUM right now and it was very cool. 

The daughter is starting to visions like the mother and she is having visions of the 80's and the music and the way they looked back then - the clothes and the hair - WOW!

I loved the 80's - it was way too cool and filled my life with the best memories.

Just thought I would chime i a bit on my love affair with the 80's and thank the MEDIUM writers for bringing it back to me.


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Want to See Something REALLY Scary? How Does Premier Bush sound?

You must READ this - your life and your family's lives depends on it!
As if the past 7 1/2 years have not been trying enough on the American people as well as the nations of the world, Bush had to 'crack' a joke about 'staying' in power after his term is up.
Can he do this?
He could, quite possibly, in the event of some major catastrophe or event, call for 'martial law' and suspend the constitution thereby solidifying his place as 'premier' of the people's republic of the United States.
You think I go to far in my thought processes?
How about this?
American Concentration Camps
They are called 'FEMA' camps, but how many FEMA camps do you know need watchtowers, 8 foot high fences and razor wire.
Here is to a new Political Era - may our Democracy keep steady and may we valiantly fight on for the Consitution.
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A Damn Fine Book - OLD MAN'S WAR

It isn't often that I get to sit down and experience a good book, especially of late.  I am a very busy person, who finds that 'stopping and smelling to roses' isn't an option, anymore.

But recently, I purchased a Science Fiction novel, suggested by my friend, Wil Wheaton... Now I say 'My Friend' because, in a small way, I like to think that my fandom and appreciation for Mr. Wheaton gives credence to my single sided relationship with him.  Anyway, if we had been neighbors, I am sure we would be good friends as we both share the same attitudes and passions for our extra curricular activities.  (don't be offended by this Wil).

Anyway, Wil suggested on a blog of his that he was searching for short stories to read of the science fiction genre and within the blog, he mentioned the book, OLD MAN'S WAR, written by John Scalzi, in 2004.  I thumbed through the first 60 or so pages, but still couldn't find the right time to just hammer through it and enjoy it.…

Bill for Huckabee/Obama

Yeah - that is right.  I am a Huckabee/Obama supporter.  Those are my two choices for President.  My first is Huckabee.  I like what he stands for:Immigration enforcement and border securityFaithSanctity of LifeEducation for our kidsRecognizes that HEALTHCARE is in CRISISChange the way we pay taxes - FLAT TAX - no IRS, no complicated tax lawsEnergy independenceAgriculture - as long as we aren't talking about crappy subsidies2nd Amendment - More than anything, I believe in Huckabee's statement that the fore fathers recognized a genuine need in the future to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government - and that is why the 2nd Amendment is there - I do think we need better gun controlI do not like:His stance on CUBAHis foreign policy on ISRAELHis foreign policy on the WAR ON TERRORIraq - we need better or a different approachPersons I would not vote for in any reasonable capacity:EdwardsGravelKucinichRichardsonMcCainRomneyThompsonHunterGuilianiPaulThe country does need change …