Bill for Huckabee/Obama

Yeah - that is right.  I am a Huckabee/Obama supporter.  Those are my two choices for President.  My first is Huckabee.  I like what he stands for:

  • Immigration enforcement and border security
  • Faith
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Education for our kids
  • Recognizes that HEALTHCARE is in CRISIS
  • Change the way we pay taxes - FLAT TAX - no IRS, no complicated tax laws
  • Energy independence
  • Agriculture - as long as we aren't talking about crappy subsidies
  • 2nd Amendment - More than anything, I believe in Huckabee's statement that the fore fathers recognized a genuine need in the future to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government - and that is why the 2nd Amendment is there - I do think we need better gun control

I do not like:

  • His stance on CUBA
  • His foreign policy on ISRAEL
  • His foreign policy on the WAR ON TERROR
  • Iraq - we need better or a different approach

Persons I would not vote for in any reasonable capacity:

  • Edwards
  • Gravel
  • Kucinich
  • Richardson
  • McCain
  • Romney
  • Thompson
  • Hunter
  • Guiliani
  • Paul

The country does need change and although I am willing to bet it should be Obama or Clinton, I am looking to the future for my children.  What changes I make here and who I vote for will be what I want for my family in the future.

I was about change and getting rid of the current, corrupt administration in 2004.  But that never materialized - what a dismal year that was with Kerry/Edwards - Al Gore should have re-run in 2004 - he would have totally taken it!


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