A Damn Fine Book - OLD MAN'S WAR

It isn't often that I get to sit down and experience a good book, especially of late.  I am a very busy person, who finds that 'stopping and smelling to roses' isn't an option, anymore.

But recently, I purchased a Science Fiction novel, suggested by my friend, Wil Wheaton... Now I say 'My Friend' because, in a small way, I like to think that my fandom and appreciation for Mr. Wheaton gives credence to my single sided relationship with him.  Anyway, if we had been neighbors, I am sure we would be good friends as we both share the same attitudes and passions for our extra curricular activities.  (don't be offended by this Wil).

Anyway, Wil suggested on a blog of his that he was searching for short stories to read of the science fiction genre and within the blog, he mentioned the book, OLD MAN'S WAR, written by John Scalzi, in 2004.  I thumbed through the first 60 or so pages, but still couldn't find the right time to just hammer through it and enjoy it.  So last night, I sat down around 6 PM and started reading it.  The book became fascinating and teemed with excellent Sci-Fi techno babble as well as speckled with humor and drama and it (as the title might suggest) contained a lot of great battle sequences with interesting alien races.

I could not put it down - I looked up, found it was 1:30 AM and I had rattled off about 200 pages.  I didn't watch any television and found that my mind and imagination provided me my entertainment for the evening.

The stories premise, in short, is about 75 year old persons who sign up to become part of a galactical fighting force for 10 years of service (at most) to then get a chance to start 'fresh' and colonize the cosmos - obviously my tiny synopsis doesn't give anything away, but I don't want to, in this case.

An excellent read and well worth my time.  I haven't been as excited about a book since THE LEGEND OF HUMA and my Dragonlances days, a decade and half ago. 

Thank you, Mr. Wheaton. 
Thank you, Mr. Scalzi.

My two cents,
Bill Teeple

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