Happy Birthday, Dr. King

It was an interesting read on MSNBC website today, about Dr. King and his legacy and the fact that many people understand that he was the author of the most infamous speech, 'I have a dream...' but cannot tell you what that dream was.  (article here)

I find it not to be as distressing as the fact that given our current social make-up and how our children find news and learning in sound bytes and video games, that they probably could not tell you a lot of what Dr. King's activism was about.  That he stood for civil equality between all Americans. He was anti-war in a time when being anti-war was not American.  He stood for the impoverished and the needy - the exact things you would expect a reverend or minister to stand for in a time when people were looking for the light.

I have great admiration for Dr. King and his legacy, as I do for John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. 

Dr. King has become this iconic persona of peace and the civil rights movement, but it is equally important that people understand what it is Dr. King stood for specifically and most kids should learn his I have a dream...' speech.

Wikipedia Article - Dr. King

I Have A Dream - Speech

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