Want to See Something REALLY Scary? How Does Premier Bush sound?

You must READ this - your life and your family's lives depends on it!


As if the past 7 1/2 years have not been trying enough on the American people as well as the nations of the world, Bush had to 'crack' a joke about 'staying' in power after his term is up.

Can he do this?

He could, quite possibly, in the event of some major catastrophe or event, call for 'martial law' and suspend the constitution thereby solidifying his place as 'premier' of the people's republic of the United States.

You think I go to far in my thought processes?

How about this?

American Concentration Camps

They are called 'FEMA' camps, but how many FEMA camps do you know need watchtowers, 8 foot high fences and razor wire.

Here is to a new Political Era - may our Democracy keep steady and may we valiantly fight on for the Consitution.

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