What is wrong with BERKELEY?

Too much to list here in my little corner of the Internet.

First and foremost - I may not believe in what the city says or promotes - but I will defend their right to say it.  That right is inalienable.  That shield of protection offered by our Constitution is a shield that should be extended to all.  Is this not what the city founders of Berkeley believe in.  Berkeley has always been at the forefront of controversial practices from the 50's to current day.

I do not begrudge them their vocal opinion. 

I DO TAKE OFFENSE at the fact that with that same shield of protection that they wield so eloquently in their arguments, that they blast the very organization that keeps that shield in place.  Namely, the United States Marine Corp. 

How dare the City begin the idea of writing a letter stating that the U.S. Marine Corp is not welcome in the city?  They are taking their obvious frustrations about the war effort out on the very organization that needs our support.  "We don't want them recruiting our children right out of college" or "I am scared to have the Marine Recruiting Office down the street from me."

What bullshit. 

Wake - Up - America.

Nobody holds a gun to the kids heads - nobody forces them to JOIN the military (not the same as the selective service, idiots).   I actually heard a woman talk to Ron Owens on KGO yesterday and she said that her sister's son received a letter from the government stating that if he didn't JOIN he would be sent to jail?  WTF?  This isn't the 60's you moron.  Your sister's son probably received a notice to sign up for the SELECTIVE SERVICE - of which all young men who turn 18 have to sign up for the selective service.  It has nothing to do with 'forcing' a child to JOIN the military (please - stop having babies now - you are only making the U.S. dumber).

Now, I am not a supporter of the Bush Administration and haven't been for the past 4 years.  I don't agree with the WAR and our strategy, but I support those men and women over there both Civilian and Military putting their lives on the line for our nation.  They are called to a service and duty and they answer. 

I was recruited in High School to join the NAVY.  They wanted me to work on a submarine.  I took my tests, turned in my papers and was just short of signing on.  I thought, I didn't want to give the next several years of my life to this venture.  Not at this point.  I did some service as an Auxiliary Air Force based Civil Air Patrol for about a year and a half as I was going through High School.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I have served in an ROTC capacity of sorts.

Shame on Berkeley for passing judgment on the very organization that provides freedom to them so that they may voice their opinions and concerns.  Had Berkeley passed this resolution or sent that letter - it would be detrimental to any organization that the leaders of Berkeley didn't necessarily agree with.

Think before you act, as I like to inform my children... THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

My two cents,


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