Bush Does It Again!

OMG - does it seem like this last year of the presidency is dragging on more than it should.  Now I read, today, that Mr. Bush is going to VETO any legislation making illegal the usage of WATERBOARDING to gain information by the CIA.

That has got to be the most inhumane way to treat a person.

I am not quite sure why people still condone or support this, even in the name of our liberty.

We need to start practicing what we preach and becoming that article for change in America.  I believe in safeguarding our nation, but at what cost.  Do we simply turn a blind eye to the atrocities being performed by our own government, but remain safe in the idea that these atrocities are protecting us, or do we start becoming that model citizen on our street - upholding the law for the right and just. 

I do not condone such act and if my family is a little less safe at night because of it, at least I will be able to sleep at night and at least other nations will not continuing to hate us 'that much more' because of our violations of decent human practices. 

My two cents,



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