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Another GREAT American Justice Story - NOT!

OK - here is the setup - a young adult (age 17-18) convicted of a drug crime in 1975.  Sent to prison for 10-20 years, served 1 year and walked away - escaped.  She literally walked away to a new life.  Got serious in life, got married had kids and moved to Carmel Valley in Southern California and was recently found out by an anonymous tipster. here is the part of the story that is crap.  She has spent that last few years of her life being a good person and mother - and now the DOJ wants her to finish her sentence.  Which is 'partially' the correct thing (in my opinion). I really think the DOJ should address not only the legal issues and the legality of the issue at hand, but they should also re-dress the humanistic side of things.  Laws are left open to certain interpretations and as such are given a certain amount of lee-way in the way they are applied.The DOJ could look at this woman and say she has …

Breath of Fresh Air - Eli Stone

If you haven't seen this show, I will tell you now that (for me) this is a truly great show with a very different perspective and message.  In a nutshell, it is about a lawyer who (as we picture most lawyers) is a greedy lying individual with high ambitions.   That is until he starts visualizing things, like George Michael singing in his office.It isn't until later that you find out he has an aneurysm in his brain that 'science' has given as the reason for his fantastic visions.  But, Eli has a spiritual advisor in the form of a acupuncturist who tells him that it is possible these are divine prophetic visages.  What unfolds is a fantastic journey and reclamation of a lost soul and it brings us, the viewer, closer spiritually to what I can only describe as a balance of the human spirit.  Without becoming preachy or overly religious (e.g. Touched by an Angel), Eli Stone breathes a breath of fresh air onto an overly corrupt television lineup, full of sexual innuendo, bac…

Just watched HITMAN - great movie

Yeah, I know I am behind, but that is what I get for having three beautiful children to occupy my otherwise free time.Anyway - the movie was great - good action - good story and character development (or lack thereof if you are the HITMAN).  Cannot wait for a sequel, I hope.  It is actually one of those movies that I liked so much that I went to iTunes and purchased the Soundtrack - great music too!Anyway - gearing up for the weekend - PEACE!Bill

Obama - Showing His Lack of Foreign Experience

I was disturbed to find, today, that Mr. Obama is asking for President Bush to boycott the 2008 Olympics.  Would that not be the worst idea possible?  We would have to be very naive to believe that our boycott would affect or have an effect on China domestic policies. It is what it is and just because we are globally communicating and seeing things as they unfold (thanks to the Internet, satellites, etc.) doesn't mean we have to come off so hypocritical. I do not doubt the government of China is purporting or supporting domestic atrocities against its own people or group of people within their borders.  But just because they don't see things our way and how we, in today's US society, would handle things, you don't sulk and become this global idiot who walks around pissed off or angry. We, the US, have performed many atrocities over the years. How can we sit in judgement of other nations when we cannot even take care of ourselves.If Mr. Obama wants my vote in November, …

Windows Modular - Critique of Vapor OS

I just read an interesting read over at Ars Technica about the next version of Windows (named Windows 7, as of now) and speculation on the reason why it will 'suck'. I read it, there is a compelling argument for moving away from the ONE SIZE FITS ALL pricing of an OS to a more modularized approach of picking the parts you want/need and paying for those.However, too much speculation is written on what could only be gleamed from the little bits and pieces we have heard about the OS.  I don't think it is fair to write such a piece so early in the process.  Last time I checked, there wasn't a ONE SIZE FITS ALL price for VISTA as is!  You got:HOME BASICHOME PREMIUMBUSINESSULTIMATEI think a modular form of Operating System will benefit Microsoft in helping keep in check the rampart libraries with multiple exploits and will help steel the OS against future attacks.  I commend Microsoft and hope they implem…

Charlton Heston, Dead at 84 - How Depressing

I am a long time fan of Charlton Heston. I was greatly saddened to find that he passed away last night at the good, ripe age of 84.  The passion he inspired in his movies and the emotions he portrayed were varied and evocative.  My first movie I remember of Charlton Heston is that of The Ten Commandments. I have always loved movies and television (as my mother can attest). The way a good story could carry you away and bring you to another time.  Our lives are so linear and single sided.  It is from this point of view that I find movies to be of limitless value in bringing new, if only voyeuristic, experiences to the masses.Below is the TRAILER for the 1959 movie, Ben-Hur (captured from YouTube): Anyway - I am sad today.God be with Mr. Heston and his family.Bill

Frak Yeah! BSG starts again!

For those un-initiated, the above statement is actually very confusing and even bordering on the belligerent side of things. But for those of you who are initiated and do understand the above statement, all I have to say is:So Say We All!Friday, April 3, 2008 marks Season 4 and the final best season ever.  Predictions (some are fairly obvious):The colonists will find EarthRosalin will die before the colonists reaches the homeworld (this was prophesied)The last cylon is Gaius BaltarIf you have not seen any of the Battlestar Galactica series yet - I highly recommend it.  The series has won some serious awards for stories, effects and it is even capturing people who would not normally watch a science fiction series.The effects alone in the stories are cinematic in scope, alone!Anyway - you know what I will be doing tomorrow night!Cheers!Bill