Breath of Fresh Air - Eli Stone

If you haven't seen this show, I will tell you now that (for me) this is a truly great show with a very different perspective and message.  In a nutshell, it is about a lawyer who (as we picture most lawyers) is a greedy lying individual with high ambitions.   That is until he starts visualizing things, like George Michael singing in his office.

It isn't until later that you find out he has an aneurysm in his brain that 'science' has given as the reason for his fantastic visions.  But, Eli has a spiritual advisor in the form of a acupuncturist who tells him that it is possible these are divine prophetic visages. 

What unfolds is a fantastic journey and reclamation of a lost soul and it brings us, the viewer, closer spiritually to what I can only describe as a balance of the human spirit.  Without becoming preachy or overly religious (e.g. Touched by an Angel), Eli Stone breathes a breath of fresh air onto an overly corrupt television lineup, full of sexual innuendo, backstabbing and bad morals.

I want to thank Eli Stone for this first great season and I cannot wait until the next season and truly hope that the show will be around for some time.

Thank you, All!



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