Charlton Heston, Dead at 84 - How Depressing

I am a long time fan of Charlton Heston. I was greatly saddened to find that he passed away last night at the good, ripe age of 84.  The passion he inspired in his movies and the emotions he portrayed were varied and evocative.  My first movie I remember of Charlton Heston is that of The Ten Commandments.

I have always loved movies and television (as my mother can attest). The way a good story could carry you away and bring you to another time.  Our lives are so linear and single sided.  It is from this point of view that I find movies to be of limitless value in bringing new, if only voyeuristic, experiences to the masses.

Below is the TRAILER for the 1959 movie, Ben-Hur (captured from YouTube):

Anyway - I am sad today.

God be with Mr. Heston and his family.



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