Obama - Showing His Lack of Foreign Experience

I was disturbed to find, today, that Mr. Obama is asking for President Bush to boycott the 2008 Olympics. 

Would that not be the worst idea possible?  We would have to be very naive to believe that our boycott would affect or have an effect on China domestic policies. It is what it is and just because we are globally communicating and seeing things as they unfold (thanks to the Internet, satellites, etc.) doesn't mean we have to come off so hypocritical. I do not doubt the government of China is purporting or supporting domestic atrocities against its own people or group of people within their borders. 

But just because they don't see things our way and how we, in today's US society, would handle things, you don't sulk and become this global idiot who walks around pissed off or angry. We, the US, have performed many atrocities over the years. How can we sit in judgement of other nations when we cannot even take care of ourselves.

If Mr. Obama wants my vote in November, he would do best to concentrate on domestic policies and fix our nation - not other nations.  Take a page from the Bill Clinton era.

You cannot possible DASH the hopes and dreams of our Olympic hopefuls who have worked too hard to get to where they are - let them make the personal sacrifice if they feel we shouldn't be there. That is their decision, not the governments.



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