Politically Correctedness is Killing America

OK - I am usually the guy to stand up for the small underdog.  I don't enjoy big business and the politics inherent within the political system.  I think most people believe in right vs. wrong and understand what is right. (yes, I am probably naive when it comes to this).

But the Supreme Court issued a judgment a few days ago stating that the current paper monetary system that the United States employs is discriminatory towards blind people because the money is the same size and texture. 

Let me say that again - Our Money - is causing issues for blind people.  Therefore the Supreme Court ruling effectively means we need to change our current monetary system, and re-tool the entire system to accommodate blind people.

I sit in an HR meeting right now, for the company, talking about discrimination and sexual harassment and they just brought up a rule about a pregnant applicant interviewing for a position can not be passed up because she is pregnant even though she would be with the company for 2 weeks and then be on leave for 6 months.  Why the hell not?  That is just bullsnot! 

Our nation is being trashed by Political Correct idiots who want to level the playing field.  News for you all - the playing field is not level.  We do not live in a socialistic society where everyone is equal.  We should accommodate said issues but stop with this BS.  Do you realize how much it will cost to re-tool our entire monetary system for the blind people?

There are an estimated 10 million legally blind (which is a broad definition) or vision impaired persons in the U.S. out of 310 million Americans.  This is going to be an expensive lesson.


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