Anton Chuvakin's Ideas Are Just Bad!

Let me preface my blog by stating that I am a Systems Administrator and have been for the past 15 years. I take great pride in my work, my integrity and my honor.

To read Anton Chuvakin's blog entry about the misguided deeds of Terry Childs and then tell all of corporate America that the same will befall us all in time if we don't start instituting checks and balances against Sys Admins is like Chicken Little saying the sky is falling.

The ideas expressed on his blog leads the casual reader to infer that their businesses are in danger of being hijacked by disgruntled Sys Admins and that isn't the case. Terry was, obviously, a truly manic person who over time seized control of an entire I.T. organization. HOW could this happen. Simple!

The ineffective leadership of the City of San Francisco with regards to their Information Technology. I have worked for companies that had very strict and secure Sarbanes Oxley requirements and a series of checks and balances so that one person could not hold all the keys to the kingdom, with the exception of the Director of Information Technology.

But people should not run scared, fearing for their data. Yes - we should be monitored and watched. We should have policies in place restricting us from certain behaviours, but these restrictions and security need to be addressed on a business by business model.

It doesn't make sense in my case as I am the only Sys Admin in my company as they are still in start-up mode and growing. Who will watch me? Who has the ability to watch me. This is where good interviewing and background checks verify the stability and mental health of your employees and allow you to instill trust within your new hire.

I fully expect, every day, that if my boss wants to know what it is I am doing, that he will have full and complete access. Working like this, I know that I can be proud of what I do, daily. Not only for the sheer accomplishment of the task, but also for the integrity and honesty I put into my work.

I despise people like Terry Childs, but despise Chicken Little's like Anton Chuvakin even more.

My two cents, my blog.


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