Yes, I know that isn't a 'real' statement.  All my friends who know me and see me say I look as good as ever, but the truth is more disturbing than what is hidden by my 2XL sized t-shirts.

The fact of the matter is this.  For the first time in my 36 years on this planet, I have crossed into the 200 lb. mark.  I am 6'2" and 200 lbs.  Not too bad.  But consider this.

For the first 25 years of my life I have been no more than 160 lbs.  Which means in the past 11 years, I have gained 40 lbs.  OK... I can see myself growing to 185 lbs.  In fact, at my last Dr. Appointment in September 2007, I was rated at 187 lbs.  Now, some 10 months later, I am now 200 lbs.  I asked my Dr., "Is it normal for a person to gain 13 lbs. in a 10 month span?".  I was amazed to discover that he didn't think it was an issue.

Well, dammit, I consider it a huge friggin' issue (literally and emotively).  That is what is wrong with our society.  A Dr. who is there to look at my physical well being doesn't say anything to raise red flags or warrant any concern.  What are we becoming - a future of FAT people that our medical profession now supports and condones.


If I had shown up and instead of GAINING 13 lbs. I had LOST the 13 lbs. and I was weighing in at 174 lbs., I am sure the Dr. would be like, "Losing 13 lbs in 10 months when you didn't want to is a great concern, let's run some tests to see if you have anything out of the ordinary".

No, we have just become complacent with our weight issues.

Well, I am now watching my calorie intake, eating salads, and attempting to get more physical excercise throughout the day.  My lifestyle has changed for the WORST in the past 12 months and it is time to take charge and fix my physical issues - be a man and own up to my problems.


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