Politically Correctedness SUCKS as does the CA legislature

Scathing, yes!

Does it say it all - not quite.  Perusing the local news articles from the NBC affiliate in San Jose, KNTV-11, I came across this article:


It seems that hybrid cars are not only  clean... but are also TOO QUIET!

What the Frak! 

Our nation is drowning in legislative bullshit by trying to please everyone all the time.  YOU CANNOT DO THAT!

Of course my car is quiet. It is quiet, because I do want to, someday, run over a blind person!  Does that make any sense to anyone?  Yes, a blind person cannot see the car and its almost silent operation in a driveway, parking lot, or at a stop sign can be seen (no pun intended) as a hazard - but let's be honest here, we are now taking the driver's responsibility for watching out for hazards and placing that responsibility squarely on the head of the auto manufactures.  This is almost as bad as the request by the blind people to REPLACE OUR CURRENCY because it is all the same size. 

So, will this give me the rights to back out of my parking spot without looking at pedestrians, because I will now have a beep or growl or something emanating from my car?  NO, it is still my job to ensure people are safe around me!

I won't accept a modification to my car to please the needs of the few and chicken-shit legislature that continuously bows to any form of peer pressure or pandering by lobbyist groups.

Our legislature is about as effective as a tissue paper holding a 40 lb. weight.

Good Job! Keep up the SOLID work.


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