Religion does not equal Politics

A major election is coming - is it a dramatic opportunity for the country to set the tone for the next 4 years.  Will that be a conservative war machine hell bent on protecting the upper class and denegrating the rights of the lower class or will it be a more liberal government focused on socialistic like programs and assistance for the lower class while taxing the upper class and businesses?

It is confusing because it isn't just a matter of just voting for the best candidate, but the agenda for the country in the next few years. I like to believe that GOD would want us to protect the underprivileged and those in need of help.  I believe GOD would want us to not make WAR but peace. 

But there are those who want you to believe the opposite. But they cloud the issues and shield it in cloth of religiosity.

And that pisses me off.  My religion is my personal relationship with GOD - and it is this relationship that I value.  But my relationship with my children and my wife are stronger!  Is that wrong?  Jesus taught me to love as he loved us.  My children give me so much joy and all I want is to bring them up correctly and knowing that GOD is not some hate-mongering entity on a hill with a burning bush passing out judgment but more of  a compassionate father who loves all his children, even those that do not listen anymore or those that choose their own destiny rather than follow a scripted path. 

I do not like McCain.  I love his VP choice and think that she is really cool and young and energetic!  I also love Barrach Obama and not really Joe Biden.  WOW - it is going to be a hard vote coming up.

What is the point?  My family, (Brother and his wife, Sister and her husband and my mother) will probably vote for McCain because of his stance as a Pro-Lifer and will oppose Gay Marriage.  The thing that irks me is that there is no way I can relate to them that there are a 2-3 dozen other issues that we need to address and that by choosing a candidate on 2 things alone doesn't do much for the rest of the country and the direction we are heading. 

My family voted for Bush in 2004 and I was livid.  I don't think KERRY was a great choice to run against BUSH, but I knew that anyone was better than BUSH.  All they cared about was the Religious aspect of the vote and not the escalation of a WAR in IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN.  Not the thousands of American Lives lost and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.  Not the horrible economic cost the war has incurred.

I guess that is where I differ from them in that the freedoms given to me by this country are being eroded and I value those freedoms.  I value the United States of America.  I value my privacy from the U.S. Government.  Maybe they don't appreciate the freedoms bestowed by the Red White and Blue of America as much as I do. 

I do value my immortal soul, but I feel that if I didn't stand up for the little people, the 'insignificant' the ones without voices, that I would have to answer for that when the last day comes.  I am not intolerant of anything, except for the ignorance of the intolerant.

My blog, my two cents.


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