Scared Of Dying?

Does that seem weird?

At some point in my life, I went from being fearless, to being fearful. Was it my firefighting experience in life? Being a E.M.T.(D)? Was it my car accident in 1993 where I slammed into two cars at about 40 MPH? Could it be the 36+ years I have been on this earth and seeing the best and worst of humankind?
Why is it I should fear the unknown, the untested, the afterlife?

My dad is there. My Uncles and Aunts are there waiting. More than that, peace and eternity basked in the glory of GOD awaits.

Now, I should say, I am not dying - I am not sick - I am in fine health. But I am more acutely aware of the imperfections of my being, both physical, mental and religiously.

I am aware of the ever-present mortality that we all share, but ignore from day to day. I am aware that people around me are dying, childhood heroes and role-models and celebrities are falling by the roadside. Some of natural causes, but most of sudden deaths or terminal illnesses.

My father died at age 67. He died in 7 weeks time. I was and am still devastated by that loss. Loss of a good man, a comedian, a optimist, and a good family man.

What does life hold for me? When will the hand I have been dealt, be forced to go ALL IN or FOLD?

I cannot tell the future, but I will endeavor to live for the present. To be that better person, father, husband, employee, friend to all that follow. I will lead them wherever I am called to lead them until I am called home to my father and our father.

God Bless,


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