No Apologies Necessary

A family member contacted me about my last posting and my inclusion of them into the category of 'ignorant' and it isn't that I was labeling them as ignorant, but more or less their firm unwavering beliefs.

I guess to have convictions is a good thing in life, especially when the moral fabric of our society seems to be frayed and falling apart before our eyes.  I won't wrong them for that.  I responded to my family with a:

I love you, but we just don't believe the same things.

And that is the heart of it all.  I am not some hate-mongering, devil-worshiping person who wants ABORTION or GAY SEX in the streets!  Don't take my viewpoints like that!  I do believe that a woman has the right to make an informed decision and she will have to answer for that decision on judgement day - IN OTHER WORDS, I believe the mother-to-be has the RIGHT to choose!  That is not what I would do!

For Gays and Lesbians - I truly believe in two things:
  • The same rights we heterosexuals get should be extended to the the G&L community!  TOTALLY!!!   Why should heterosexual married couples get the only rights and benefits! 
  • and... This goes against the church teachings, but if two people love each other, that love can be no less valued than if they were a man/woman or man/man, woman/woman couple!  LOVE is LOVE!  May GOD bless all our relationships so we continue to grow in faith and respect for each other!
That being said - do you know the difference between the first point and the second.  The first is a political statement!  RIGHTS from the state!  The second is a religious take on the institution of marriage.  The Catholic church will never condone/allow same sex marriages, but to me LOVE IS LOVE and it means everything in the end.

I don't apologize for my candor.  I speak the way I want to.  Sometimes it offends; sometimes it speaks to you.  I can be brass in my intellectual discussions, but I do tend to listen to both sides before making a judgment.

Again, My Blog, My Two Cents!



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