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3 more days til Halloween... Halloween

If you've seen it - you know what I am talking about.
A good horror flick, but had absolutely nothing to do with HALLOWEEN franchise and as part of the whole genre, is just DUMB.

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A Heavy Weight...

Recently, I made a trip to my physician for a bit of a check on a pain I have been having in my knee.  As is with most doctors, there is an indeterminate amount of time that must be spent co-mingling with the sick and destitute that society has to offer while awaiting your number, erh, name to be called so you can then be herded away from the masses towards a separate area where the nurse starts to take your 'statistics'.  The stats they take are pretty basic.  Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature and Weight.  I have always been a middle-of-the-road type of guy.  BP has always been good on the low side (115/70-75), Heart Rate around 60-70, Temperature hovers on the low side of 98 degrees and my weight has always been 170-180 (note: I stand at 6' 2" tall). So with little trepidation, I jump on the scale and look down at the digital read out as it flashes at me, waiting for my final tally.  It is at this point that I usually feel like I am at a circus or carnival and…

OpenOffice 3.0 Macintosh Version Shines!

OpenOffice 3.0 on the Intel Macintosh simply shines!
I have been using a Mac for about the past billion years (it seems everyone likes to throw that moniker out lately, so I thought I would too).  OK - really, I have been using Apple Macintosh products sincd 1989.  My first Mac was an Apple Macintosh SE with dual 800k floppy drives and 1 MB of RAM.  I was able to secure the computer because of my grandfather's passing. He left my mother some money and my mom divided it up between me and my siblings and it amounted to about 2,000 dollars.  The Mac SE with an ImageWriter dot matrix printer cost me about $1,899.00 total.  I didn't hesitate in the least to secure my first personal computer. 
Since day one, the only real word processor or office suite I have ever used on the Mac has been from Microsoft.  Now I am not a Microsoft-hater, but when you have the 800 lb gorilla on the market and their product seems to be sub-standard, you look for alternatives.  I was never a fan of Apple…

Stability and Patience Needed Now

My fellow Americans.  What we need now is stability offered by the bailout package, and patience, exercised by you all.  During this time, there will be a lot of risk in staying put, but the potential for greater damage is much larger, given the extent of people panicking.I was a firefighter for 3 1/2 years with some of the greatest guys in the world (nod to Saratoga Fire District!), and during my training with them, I learned and came to a better appreciation that rushing around and doing without properly thinking a problem through can be severely detrimental to your health.  If you don't fully investigate and have a firm grasp of the problem, there is no way you an effectively address the situation.That being said, I saw on October 6, that Jim Cramer (of CNBC's "Mad Money") urged "... any investor who has money they may need in the next five years tied to stocks to pull their dough out."  My friends (in my worst John McCain impersonation) - this is what c…

Another Breath of Fresh Aire!

I just finished watching the season premiere of a show on ABC called Pushing Daisies.  I have to say - ABC is truly doing something right with their programming as of late.  I rallied around the shows Eli Stone and more recently the HOPKINS series (both on ABC) and found that they offered good stories.  There wasn't a lot of sexual innuendo or reality issues.  Both shows (Eli and Pushing) could be seen as fantastical shows seeped with a purisitic escapism charm. 
Pushing Daisies is about a Pie Maker who can touch people and bring them back to life, but only for a minute.  After a minute, if he doesn't touch them again, someone else 'dies' in that person's spot.  But it isn't about him raising the dead - it is more about the adventures they go on to figure things out.  But the cinematography and visual realities created by ABC are just stunning.  A lot like the Hudsucker Proxy (movie) or even a bit of the TOYS (another movie). 
In contrast, I saw the opening of …