Another Breath of Fresh Aire!

I just finished watching the season premiere of a show on ABC called Pushing Daisies.  I have to say - ABC is truly doing something right with their programming as of late.  I rallied around the shows Eli Stone and more recently the HOPKINS series (both on ABC) and found that they offered good stories.  There wasn't a lot of sexual innuendo or reality issues.  Both shows (Eli and Pushing) could be seen as fantastical shows seeped with a purisitic escapism charm. 

Pushing Daisies is about a Pie Maker who can touch people and bring them back to life, but only for a minute.  After a minute, if he doesn't touch them again, someone else 'dies' in that person's spot.  But it isn't about him raising the dead - it is more about the adventures they go on to figure things out.  But the cinematography and visual realities created by ABC are just stunning.  A lot like the Hudsucker Proxy (movie) or even a bit of the TOYS (another movie). 

In contrast, I saw the opening of E.R. on NBC and honestly, I see nothing new coming out of NBC.  I see the same re-hashed crap from years ago just glossied up a bit.  There is nothing new on NBC or anything that has a saving grace with the notable exception of HEROES - which is one of my favorites, but I am sure my opinion is skewed due to my comic book collecting habits.

Anyway - if you get a chance, catch an episode of Pushing Daisies.  Watch it with an open mind and enjoy the journey as the tale unfolds for you.



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