Prop 8 Supports - You Can Have Your Word!

I don't understand what it is about the word marriage that makes it a religious war between the Yes on 8 and No on 8 campaigns.

I am very dismayed and disturbed that 52% of the voters decided to discriminate against gays and lesbians.  Some people say that they didn't mind that people wanted to have a union together or the same rights as heterosexual people, but that the word MARRIAGE belonged to those who washed themselves in the sanctity of their religions.

I don't agree.   So, I guess it will come down to the California legislature having to create some UNION LICENSE with the same exact inalienable rights as those who traditionally sought out a marriage license from the state of California.  So, you might be getting 'married' in the church, but you will be required to get a UNION license from the state of California - that is the only solution at this point.

Now, Marriage will become this word used specifically for church sponsored unions and should not be used in any legislature or legal documents.  There has to be some unifying principal for people to have the same rights under the state - otherwise we are talking about discrimination - plain and simple.

I challenge any person who does not believe in the above, prove to me that your line of thinking isn't discriminatory towards the rest of Californians - without bringing in your religious beliefs.  Good Luck!

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