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Goodbye to a Disasterous 2008, Hello to the Future!

2008 has not been very nice to our nation, our economy and politically we have many black eyes.  2008 saw the failure of many different institutions, both national and local.  KB Toys, Circuit City, T.G.I.F's restaurants and many other companies that have been around for decades, that just could not forge the economic winter. 
2008 saw a change in our government.  A mandate by the people for change over the same failed policies of the past 8 years.  With the election of Barack Obama, our nation pins it's hopes and dreams for a more stable future, one based in better equality and hopefully a return to better values than even the past 20-24 years have shown us.
2008 saw a lot of changes in the job market too, some good, some bad.  I changed jobs and now work as I.T. Manager for a Biomedical firm in Redwood City.  A couple of my friends lost their jobs, repercussions to the downsizing trend infecting many companies lately.  I feel that my life has taken a new turn with the advent …

POEMS - Found Again on Internet Archives...

I was perusing the Internet yesterday and ran across this amazing site which had ARCHIVES of my old site. But not just my site, but all sites on the Internet. I simply typed in my URL, and the site returned to me dates of when my site changed - so I could go back to Mid-2001 and view my first public facing website.
Amazing. I found a couple of poems I wrote that I thought I lost forever and I found some scathing dialogues against my old employer, eHealthInsurance because of a work dispute we had.
Anyway, I won't dwell on the past, but revel in the recovery of two small technological poems I created in 1999 and 2000. Here is the first of those two poems:
by Bill Teeple

A flick of the switch,
and it pulses to life.

Fans whirling, drives spinning,
Electricity Imbimbing.

This is the START & I await the happy computers greeting

will it start, will it stop, will it stall

Action, icons appear, bringing form
to microscopic 0's and 1's

So begins the magical dance as

The Day After Christmas is Very Hard!

It was 4 years ago today that my father died. He was very adamant about not ruining our Christmas by passing away on Christmas Eve/Day - so he hung in as long as he could until 5:45 AM on the 26th of December.

He was buried on the 29th of December, my anniversary with my wife. This year, we will have 12 years of blissful marriage together.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have my health, a good job, good friends, and most importantly to me - my family. It amazes me how my children grow with each passing day and the leaps and bounds they make and how incredibly smart or talented they are, each in their own unique way.

Andrew can tear through books with the greatest of ease - and it isn't just reading the words, but understanding the concepts and stretching the bounds of his imagination. This is the year we start on a bit of Jules Verne, I think. He is reading the Yearling! amongst others great novels. He read Star Wars books 4, 5 and 6. He has read the entire Har…