Goodbye to a Disasterous 2008, Hello to the Future!

2008 has not been very nice to our nation, our economy and politically we have many black eyes.  2008 saw the failure of many different institutions, both national and local.  KB Toys, Circuit City, T.G.I.F's restaurants and many other companies that have been around for decades, that just could not forge the economic winter. 

2008 saw a change in our government.  A mandate by the people for change over the same failed policies of the past 8 years.  With the election of Barack Obama, our nation pins it's hopes and dreams for a more stable future, one based in better equality and hopefully a return to better values than even the past 20-24 years have shown us.

2008 saw a lot of changes in the job market too, some good, some bad.  I changed jobs and now work as I.T. Manager for a Biomedical firm in Redwood City.  A couple of my friends lost their jobs, repercussions to the downsizing trend infecting many companies lately.  I feel that my life has taken a new turn with the advent of my current position, but the jury is out on whether or not this is a good turn or a bad turn.

2008 saw a great loss in the acting world, too.  We say goodbye to such stars/starlettes as Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, Suzanne Pleshette, Heath Ledger, Roy Scheider, Richard Widmark, Dick Martin, Sydney Pollack, Harvey Korman, Bo Diddley, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, Estelle Getty, Isaac Hayes, Levi Stubbs, Michael Crichton, & Eartha Kitt.  We pray for their souls and the others who saw their candles dimmed in 2008.

My wife tells me that I am too pessimistic and a nay-sayer in general, but I told her this entry was about looking forward, toward the future.  My hopes are high for 2009.  I will settle into my job, find my groove.  My children will continue to flourish and be blessed with good health and happiness.  Our jobs will be safe and secure in the coming months and our family will continue to grow (not laterally, but vertically, thank you very much!).

I have high hopes for the Obama administration.  I have high hopes for the housing market during this slump.  I have nothing but anger and dismay at the people who managed our money over the past few years and what a travesty they have made of the trust we gave to them.  Tonight, I say goodbye to 2008... the friends we lost... the economy slump... the sad dismal holiday season that should have been more full of love and splendor, but turned into more of a dud.

I look forward to 2009.  I don't know what the future holds, but know that our family unit will continue to be strong moving forward and with good friends, good will, and the grace of GOD, 2009 will turn out to be a blessed year of growth... of stability... and most of all... full of LOVE for each other.

Bill Teeple

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