25 Things About Me - Thanks Dave!

OK - my online blog is now tied to FACEBOOK so here is MY 25 THINGS

1. I married in 1996 to Cynthia Page, daughter of Paul Page (Journalism Teacher at Saratoga High School) - I have known Mr. Page longer than his daughter (1988 for him compared to 1989 for her)

2. My father died in 2004 from Leukemia - It took me a long time to shed the depression from that.

3. I lived in Roseville for one whole year (2002-2003) and was unemployed the entire time (with 2 kids)

4. I am related to Daniel Boone - my great, great, great, great, great grandfather (Isaiah Boone) is the brother of Daniel Boone (I think I have enough GREAT's in there). 

5. I love horror movies and thrillers - I am not talking about the GORE fest flicks of the 21 century, but the classic horrors up to the early 80's.  (not a real fan of HOSTEL and SAW series)

6. I love Halloween more than any other time of year - 2 years ago, I dressed up as Michael Myers and stationed myself in my front yard

7. I have walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (5,300 feet down), camped at the bottom for two days and walked back up to the South Rim - with my father in law in 2007

8. My wife and I (and subsequently, our children) are all Disney-Holics!  We usually make a trip to Disneyland every year - we are in a dry spell of 1 1/2 years so far - But SPRING is just around the corner (listening to a Disney album as I type this)

9. I haven't met a lawyer I liked, yet.

10. I love video games - World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online are my favorites

11. I was a registered/certified California Firefighter and EMT-D in 1992-1994 and volunteered for the Saratoga Fire District - Now absorbed by another agency

12.  I collect Warhammer 40K and Warhammer models but have never played the game, yet.

13. I sucked at organized education (as some of you may recall from the high school years) but have an IQ that is in the mid-140's

14. I love mathematics and science but cannot stand spelling or grammar (as you might find in my blog).

15. I am my son's baseball manager (little league teams) for the past several years and promised him I would do it for as long as he played the game

16. I love music of all types - my iTunes collection is now at 20,315 items and reaches 92 GB's in size and would last for 58 days, 7 hours and 53 minutes if played continuously

17. I used to collect comics and now have a stash of them in my attic

18. I am very anal about my desk and organization at home and work - it must be clean and organized or it makes me feel sick

19. I suffer from occasional anxiety attacks brought on by childhood fears and influences from my mother that I am striving to overcome and break the cycle with my children

20. I was the victim of sex abuse when I was 8 years old

21. I got braces at the age of 33 and wore them for 3 years to help make me a more handsome man!

22. I believe friends are super important, yet find it difficult to keep up strong ties with all of my friends, given my job and family

23. I smoked for 6 months during high school and more recently enjoy a good pipe

24. I am not as close to my brother as I used to be (like during high school)

25. I was part of the Civil Air Patrol (Auxiliary Air Force) for a few years and enjoyed the experience immensely - but that is as close to the Armed Services as I was ever going to get.

There is my list - hope you find some insight into who the heck I am!



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