Thank You God - For Many Things...

I would like to preface my post by stating that I am a GOD fearing man.  Some day - I will die - I will meet GOD and I don't want to stand there saying... DUH! or 'I knew I should have believed in you'.  That being said - this post isn't actually thanking GOD for the things I would normally be bestowing my blessings on - i.e. I thank GOD for my job, my home, my wife and children and friends.  I do that almost daily.  I am blessed.

No - this is a post thanking GOD for some other things also near my heart - but meant to be funny or odd to say the least:
  • Thank GOD that George Bush is leaving office - 8 years of that man was 7 years 11 months too many
  • Thank GOD we did not end his presidency in a cataclysmic fireball, like we all thought we would 4 years ago - of course we didn't literally go up in a fireball - just our ECONOMY did (yes, I blame George Bush)
  • Thank GOD for OBAMA (serious)
  • Thank GOD I live here in the United States of America and only have to put up with the shit on Jerry Springer or Montel Williams - maybe we should send those idiots over to Israel/Gaza to fix their issues
  • Thank GOD Jerry Brown and taking up the battle for Gay Rights (serious, again) - We need more people willing to step up and say what is wrong with our nation and thinking and stand for what is right and the minority
  • Thank GOD I live in a country where I have the freedom to write crap like this and not be persecuted for it
  • Thank GOD I won't have to see Condoleeza Rice anymore - She is no Madaine Albright  (who ROCKED by the way)
  • Thank GOD for HOWARD STERN - that man is saving my life by giving me something to do on the way to work besides listen to newstalk radio
That is just a small sampling of my THANK GOD speech, given the Golden Globes where just last night. 


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