Welcome - 2009!

Well, 2009 has come in not like a Lion but more like a Lamb.  Quiet and reserved.  It was a good day today.  Read some blogs (my favorite is Wil Wheaton's blog - if you haven't read him yet or heard him speak - do so), organized my *NIX CD's, built an OpenSUSE 11.1 server, put away the Christmas shit for another year... about sums it up... and talked shop about rebuilding my father-in-law's personal Mac Pro workstation to accomdate LEOPARD and his Pro-Tools stuff.

You should check out his music on iTunes... HERE !

Anyway - back to the grindstone, tomorrow - easing into the new year and new job by working from my home tomorrow, but hitting the ground running on a few projects I have and writing up some documentation and policies - I know - sounds boring!



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