Call for Catholic Compassion

I am a pro-lifer - there it is!  I said it.  But what does that mean to me.  I never liked fitting in a boxed definition of any sort.  I tend to view my political ideologies with more of a Liberal stance sprinkled with a bit of conservatism.  Pro Life to me is a personal ideology.  I could not ask my wife or condone the taking of a life when it comes to my personal opinion.

But here is where I and the church separate a bit.  I do not FORCE my will upon others.  I have compassion for them and their choices and of course would love to see a different alternative to abortion.  But my patriotic nature and love for my country outshines my personal view and my personal view should never be forced upon others.

So when I read of a 9 year old girl who was raped by her step-father and subsequently becomes pregnant with twins... where does my compassion live.  What would my decision be?  When does my decision necessarily translate to others around me?  It doesn't.  Our country was founded on the principle of freedom - a level of freedom to make choices and to suffer the consequences associated with those choices.

But the church, has decided to excommunicate the mother and the doctors for performing this surgery on this girl and aborting the twin fetuses. Where is the compassion that Jesus taught us - where is the love so prominent throughout the New Testament. We should embrace the abortionists and let them know that their choice may not be the correct view of the church, but nonetheless, the church still loves them and will prayer for them.  Creating pockets of isolationists will only further polarize a widening rift with in the church.

Are you listening out there? The answer is LOVE! It always has been! It always will be!

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